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Help Desk provides comprehensive products, services and solutions backed by our nationwide team of support specialists. Our mission is to provide our customers with the optimum level of IT service through the access of remote IT desktops by managed service providers; giving you one-stop solution to your IT issues particularly related to hardware and software.

Our Help Desk team specializes in resolving hardware, software, and network issues. We can help with laptop/desktop troubleshooting and repair, printer troubleshooting and repair, access and manage Office 365 (O365) email accounts – one of the most popular SaaS apps in the world, manage your data in MS Azure cloud services (both not free), design, implement, and support highly secure databases.

What We Offer

Laptop/Desktop hardware and software support

Service that goes above and beyond, Our Help Desk offers laptop/desktop hardware and software support. Whether it's a virus removal, network troubleshooting, or even software and driver installations, we have all of your IT needs covered.

Printer issues

Our Help Desk provides technical aid for printer issues. We can help you get connected to the Internet, solve problems with printing documents or photos, and guide you through removing jams and other errors.

Network Connectivity issue

Network Connectivity issues can be frustrating. Let's restore your connection. With unlimited support from the first sign of trouble to resolution ensured by our IT technicians, help is one phone call away.

Office 365 (O365) management

Stay in connected with your team and keep communication, files, and calendars up-to-date. We will manage your emails to provide a single inbox view, and we'll seamlessly transition you from file server to file server. Access on any device, location independent-ly. Manage all of your Office 365 services in the My TSP portal or via our Microsoft Service Portal.

MS Azure services for the business

A Premier Support from Microsoft that provides ongoing technical assistance, troubleshooting, and support for your internal IT staff when they need it the most. It is a flexible and cost-effective subscription-based support for 50+ managed services, including Microsoft Azure services.

G-Suite Identity and Privilege Access Management for application

Imagine a Help Desk where you can manage access to your G-Suite apps in an intuitive, per user way. With G-Suite Identity and Privilege Access Management, you can now set up fine-grained permissions for individual users in your G-Suite environments to limit what they can see, do or change. Learn more on how to deliver unique experiences based on users' roles.

Single-Sign-On (SSO)

If you're tired of the hassle/cost of managing multiple access points/SSO solutions, let us set up one for your organization. Single-Sign-On (SSO) is a dual-factor authentication protocol that allows a user to log in with a single ID and password to any of our related yet independent software systems. It can be thought of as an enterprise password system for accessing several systems. We make your job easier by doing it for you.

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